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Size and Cost

What are the wallpaper size options available to me ?

At Print a Wallpaper, we provide you an options to set custom size wallpapers to match the dimensions of your wall.


I want to go for a Custom Size wallpaper. How do I calculate the size I need ?

Don’t worry! Simply calculate the measurement of your wall/area where you wish to install a wallpaper. Provide us with the measurements in cm, inch or foot and leave the rest to us. We will convert your measurements into Sq Ft and let you know the exact Custom Size of wallpaper you need. For more information on how to get the precise measurements of your wall, please refer to the How to Measure" section on our website.


How do you calculate the cost of Custom Design wallpapers ?

The price for a Custom Design Wallpaper is calculated on Sq Ft basis. You can submit your wall dimensions in cm/inch/feet. We will convert your measurements into Sq Ft and provide a quote for your custom wallpaper.


Where can I calculate the cost of Custom Size Wallpaper?

Please use the price calculator on our website to calculate the cost of wallpaper.

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