Textured Decor
Through the ages, humans have lived in a variety of dwellings made up of many materials, however today in the world of smooth concrete we crave to have more variety in our home. This desire is satisfied with Print A Wallpaper’s collection of wallpapers. While it may not be possible to use different building materials due to practicality and cost, the solution lies in using textured decor.

Our texture wallpaper has textures ranging across bamboo, wood, bricks, straw, metal, stone and paper. You can create authentic décor using these textured ideas and pair it with other fun and quirky home décor items. This texture decor can be used not only in your home but also schools, colleges, offices, recreation clubs on the walls, stairwells and as background for lobby areas. Choose a texture that excites you the most and create authentic beautiful interior décor.